Improving the Livelihood of Ethnic Minorities Through Community-based Tourism

Overall goal

To contribute to livelihood improvements for ethnic minority communities in the Northern mountainous areas of Vietnam through development of community-based tourism (CBT).


  • HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is donor of this project;
  • Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED) will be responsible for managing the project including planning, coordinating of implementation, and reporting of project results;
  • Cao Bang Community Development Centre (DECEN) will participate in the project as local facilitator for the selected communities in Cao Bang province.


  • Increase sustainable income for ethnic minority households in selected project areas through development of community-based tourism;
  • Contribute to improving the environmental conditions of selected communities;
  • Contribute to preserve traditional cultures of local people.


  • Developing market based and pro-poor value chains;
  • Mainstreaming Economic, Environmental, Social and Cultural sustainability dimensions in project interventions;
  • Promoting Public - Private Partnership;
  • Facilitating good governance among stakeholders in project implementation.


  • 10,000 people are empowered to take ownership in the development of tourism and share benefits from tourism in a fair manner;
  • At least 6 tourism programs/tour packages based on market requirements and complying with quality and sustainability criteria are developed;
  • Capacity of 600 local men and women (of which women account for 60%) are developed and strengthened to be able to provide professional and sustainable services to tourists;
  • Business linkages with at least 10 domestic and international tourism operators are created;
  • Framework agreements to establish fair business cooperation among actors in the CBT value chain are developed and operated 2 marketing and promotional strategies are developed and implemented;
  • At least 4 marketing tools are developed and maintained;
  • CRAFT BELT in Cao Bang and Tourism Cooperative in Hoang Su Phi/Ha Giang become local CBT coordinators and reliable partners for tour operators, travel agencies and communities, and financially self-sustained;
  • National/regional CBT umbrella association for Northern Vietnam is set up and operated in a self-sustained manner;
  • At least 2 Tourism Master Plans at district level on responsible tourism and CBT are developed and approved;
  • At least 2 new policies that provide enabling environment responding to the needs of communities and CBT value chain stakeholders are promoted.


723,521 CHF PERIOD: 2015-2019

Main Contact

Mr. Cao Dai Hung
Project Manager



HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation