Improving the Livelihood of Ethnic Minorities Through Community-based Tourism

Overall goal

To contribute to livelihood improvements for ethnic minority communities in the Northern mountainous areas of Vietnam through the development of community-based tourism (CBT).


  • HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is donor of this project;
  • Center for Rural Economy Development (CRED) is responsible for managing the project implementation.


  • Cao Bang Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism;
  • District People Committees of Hoang Su Phi, Trung Khanh and Quang Uyen;
  • Tourism Cooperatives in Hoang Su Phi;
  • Responsible Travel Club; Craft/Belt; and Tour Operators/ Travel Agencies.


  • Increase sustainable income for ethnic minority households in selected project areas through development of community-based tourism;
  • Contribute to improving the environmental conditions of selected communities;
  • Contribute to preserve traditional cultures of local people.


  • Developing market based and pro-poor value chains;
  • Mainstreaming Economic, Environmental, Social and Cultural sustainability dimensions in project interventions;
  • Promoting Public - Private Partnership;
  • Facilitating good governance among stakeholders in project implementation.


  • 3,880 people (2,685 farmers, 360 commune staffs; 1,678 female participation contributed to 43%) were engaged in decision making and capacity building; 773 people gained economic benefits and 2,190 people get social benefits from project interventions; 245 people, thereof 123 female attendants, were trained on specific CBT skills to participate in tourism.
  • 12 tour programs and 4 tour products have been developed, 2 mountain bike tours tested successfully in Ha Giang and Cao Bang.
  • 40 business linkages have been established for Hoang Su Phi and 3 business linkages for Cao Bang through regular bookings between national tour operators with CBT groups.
  • CBT website has been developed in the name of, CBT umbrella - Vietnam Responsible Tourism Social Enterprise (VRT) that represents all the CBT groups in the selected provinces.
  • Around 3,258 visitors (636 international; 2,329 domestic and 293 business travelers) have visited project sites and interlinkage routes. The significant increase of visitors is a result of the effective promotions and improved CBT services.
  • FAM trip to Hoang Su Phi has been organized for 19 Hanoi based tour operators to introduce CBT services and the local partners.
  • 1 participatory Tourism Master Plan was developed at the end of 2016 and has been approved by Hoang Su Phi DPC at the beginning of 2017.
  • CBT project has involved the authorities of Hoangsuphi, Trung Khanh, Quang Uyen  in the implementation of the plan to enable the communities and related stakeholders benefiting from new tourism policies.


723,521 CHF PERIOD: 2015-2019


HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation

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Project Manager