Scaling up of Ethical Biotrade Initiative within phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam

Overall goal

International recognition for Vietnam as a supplier of natural ingredient products for phyto- pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries- sourced and processed according to voluntary Ethical BioTrade (EBT) standard.


The project is funded by the European Commission and implemeted by HELVETAS Intercooperation gGmbH and CRED. HEVETAS is responsible for managing the project while CRED acts as facilitator, coach and provider of technical and methodological competence.


  • Ethical BioTrade inititative within phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam are scaled up.

Project Partners

  • 12 small and medium sized phyto- pharmaceutical enterprises;
  • Ministry of Health;
  • Ministry of Science and Technology;
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.


  • The business model of Ethical BioTrade of Natural Ingredient products will be scaled up to at least 8 new SMEs  in phyto-pharmaceutical and natural cosmetic sector;
  • SME will apply for and become members of the Union of Ethical BioTrade;
  • Farmer Field School approach is applied as the main method to build technical capacities at farmers’ level;
  • All value chain actors will receive training on Access and Benefits Sharing mechanisms with a special focus on farmer groups;
  • Strategic communication and marketing campaigns to consumers will develop awareness on sustainable business models, EBT concept and EBT products.


  • Vietnamese phyto-pharmaceutical enterprises supply national and international markets with EBT products, expand their BioTrade business, reduce their environmental footprint and improve working conditions;
  • Consumers increasingly demand for BioTrade products from Vietnam;
  • More than 5000 smallholder farmers increase livelihoods through EBT value chains and stable supplies to EBT enterprises;
  • An enabling policy and regulatory framework for BioTrade initiatives is stimulating the sustainable growth of the phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam.


2,063,000 EUR PERIOD: 2016-2020

Main contact

Mr. Cuong Vien
Project Manager

Project Office

298F Kim Ma 
Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Viet Nam
Tel  +84-4-3843-1750
Fax +84-4-3843-1744