Improved Market Engagement Counter-seasonal Vegetable producers in North West Vietnam

Overall goal

The project aims to underpin the development of a knowledgeable and resilient smallholder-based supply system that can meet consumer vegetable requirements in a rapidly transforming retail sector.


HELVETAS Vietnam is supporting capacity building for producer groups, and upscaling and outscaling safe and counter-seasonal vegetable production. The Northern Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (NOMAFSI) have a coordination role, supported by Hanoi University of Agriculture (HUA), the Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (CASRAD), the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute (FAVRI), Fresh Studio (FS), and Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Developpement (CIRAD).
The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) provides funding support. 


  • Analyse consumer demand and alternative marketing channels to develop smallholder-based vegetable systems capable of delivering from northern Vietnam;
  • Optimise production and postharvest systems to supply high quality, counter-seasonal temperate vegetables from highland North Vietnam to urban retail markets in Hanoi;
  • Implement and analyse the Farmer Business School approach as a means of enabling smallholder farmers to build knowledge and improve decision-making based on market and supply chain information;
  • Contribute to an enabling regional policy environment for counter-seasonal temperate vegetable production in the northwest highland region.


The project focuses on helping to set up and support a summer temperate vegetable supply chain from 3 locations in the communes of Van Ho, Muong Sang and Chieng Hac, in Moc Chau district of the Son La province. The region has a high percentage of ethnic minorities and a favourable climate for counter-seasonal vegetable production, access to key markets in Hanoi and northern provinces of Vietnam. 


  • The project has been working since 2009 on improving market engagement for counter-seasonal vegetable producers in Moc Chau district of Son La province. HELVETAS Vietnam started involving in the project in 2014  to contribute to  achieving the project’s objectives by delivering following results:
  • Training materials on producer organisation are developed, with the inclusion of examples of successful models;
  • Training materials include production techniques, book keeping, farm data processing; consumer survey, post harvest, packaging, certification, market connection, and supporting public policies , which are produced by the project partners, are reviewed to ensure consistency, user friendly and quality, with integration of learner-centred methods;
  • Capacities of the 3 existing groups, in terms of group governance, production and supply planning, marketing and coordination, are improved;
  • Contributed to developing a strategy for scaling up and out of achievements from the existing groups;
  • Contributed to developing the Phase 2 proposal which is guided by ACIAR project template and development processes.


32,500 AUD PERIOD: 11/2014-6/2016