Consultant to develop Marketing Strategy for EBT products within BIOTRADE project


The context
HELVETAS is an international NGO with focus on agriculture, rural development, value chains development, and sustainability. For more than 20 years, it has been dedicated to improving livelihoods of people from remote areas and promoting development with respects to environment and local societies.
Since 2013 to 2015, HELVETAS Vietnam had been running a Swiss-funded project to promote BioTrade initiatives in Vietnam’s phyto-pharmaceutical sector. BioTrade is a concept of ethical and sustainable production practice, in which four core values are embrace: conservation of natural resources, sustainable business model, fairness for all players, and transparency in the process.
Phyto-pharmaceutical is an emerging sector in Vietnam due to the increasing demand, appealing to enterprises of all sizes. However, certain linkages in the sector are sometimes missing, namely between farmers and manufacturers, between manufacturers and market, and between the sector and policy makers. As a consequence, enterprises with long-term vision, abundant resources, and clear strategy are making good profits while others are struggling with blindly made decisions and unmanaged risks.

The Project   
Project ‘Scaling up of ethical Biotrade initiatives within phyto-pharmaceutical sector in Vietnam’ is the upscale phase of the 2013-2015 project, and has been launched since April 2016. The project is funded by the European Union, implemented by HELVETAS Vietnam, and will take place from 2016 to 2020.  The project is composed of four components:
  • Component 1: Promote the application of production practices that comply with ethical BioTrade standards.  These standards are seen as a fundamental ground for sustainable production and exploitation of materials from natural resources;
  • Component 2: Increase consumers’ awareness as to the need for, and the value of, products that have been made as per ethical BioTrade standards;
  • Component 3: Support for performance improvement of  value chains that uses natural  ingredients as raw materials
  • Component 4: Facilitate for improvement of enabling policy environment.
At the moment, the project is working with 15 – 20 companies of varied levels of capacity and resources.

The assignment
In order to implement component 3, a marketing strategy is needed for BioTrade products, which some already exist on the market, and some are still in development. Such strategy is expected to help the above-average priced BioTrade products perform better, and as a result, generate the “pull” attraction for companies to expand the numbers of BioTrade products, and encourage other companies to take up the concept.

The following objectives are set for the assignment:
  • Show and train companies’ management on how a strategy can be of use for improving business performance;
  • Companies are able to envisage a long-term strategy to position their products on the market, with Unique Selling Points focus not only on the quality but also the social, environmental values associated to the products;
  • Provide recommendations, when relevant, that may help in value creation, especially with costs reduction, resource mobilization, sales expansion, and risk management;
  • Companies are motivated to expand the number of BioTrade products.
Key activities:
  • Discussions with companies and relevant stakeholders to obtain a big picture about the sector and their business operations. The interviewees are proposed by the consultant;
  • Validating and updating information when necessary;
  • Analyzing findings and sharing with companies’ management;
  • Providing recommendations to the companies;
  • Working and coordinating with the project’s staff throughout the consultancy to ensure the activities are in line with the project’s objectives.
A report is expected as a deliverable of this consultancy:
  1. Overall analysis with findings from BioTrade companies relevant for the project (max. 2 pages)
  2. Brief analysis for each company (max. 1 page each)
The assignment will be carried out in Hanoi with possible travels to companies for interviews (when interviewing via telephone or online is not possible).
Activities Consultant Project team
General orientation Design orientation activities and fully participate Guide the consultant based on the project’s knowledge
Collection of data and information Ensure all data available are acquired/retrieved Prepare all available information
Interview with key stakeholders Propose list of interviewees
Undertake interviews
Approved list of interviewees
Participate in interviews when deemed appropriate
Analysis of data and information Fully responsible for the analysis Team up with the consultant in analyzing of data
Train the companies on how to make use of the strategy Present findings for the companies and their derived values Follow up the training and how companies integrate the consultant’s recommendations
Presentation and report Prepare a draft and a final version of the consultancy report, accommodating feedbacks from the project Provide feedback for the draft of the report
Approve the final version of the consultancy report
Remuneration will be subject to the qualification of the consultant and to agreement on services provided by the consultant in relations to HELVETAS’s financial regulations.
The contract will be in form of lump-sum with the proposed total budget covering consultancy fee, VAT/PIT, travelling costs, and data collection fee.

  • Negotiation and signing of contract: by May 25. 2017
  • Data collection: by June 2, 2017
  • Data processing: by June 9, 2017
  • Presentation of findings, training to companies: June 14 – 16, 2017
  • Report drafting: by June 27, 2017
  • Final report submission: by July 3, 2017
  • Liquidation of contract: one week after the final report is approved
The consultant should meet the following requirements:
  • Master Degree either in Economics or Marketing or Business Administration;
  • Solid and proven understanding on value chain development approach;
  • Significant experience as a consultant in business, management, and marketing;
  • Being able to deliver the committed outputs on time;
  • Excellent analytical skills and report writing skill in English;
  • Training and presentation skills will secure interest;
  • Experience in agricultural analysis and market study is an asset. Particular exposure with (phyto)pharmaceutical sector development is an advantage;
Interested candidates should send an updated CVs and Expression of Interest letter showing their expected consultancy rates and explaining why they fit with the above consultancy to Ms. Truong Quynh Phuong at  by May 20, 2017.
Please be kindly noted that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.